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The Sir Liftalot model L is the most used standard knight. With its own weight of 30 kg, transport length 5500 mm and foot width of 850 mm you have to carry with 2 persons and load him on top off your bus or trailer. When you pull him out with the pull up installation he can reach 9.5 meter, 250 kg. He has wheels on top to roll over the wall but there are also distance holders available from 1 and 2 meters.

This knight is used to work on the ground, first an second floor, for example, the installation of outdoor glazing, shutters or bill boards.

This Knight is robust and made of high-grade aluminum. Use this knight in combination with the aluminum lorry and the Sir Liftalot 4 vacuum machine, you have a high quality product for a low price and heavy lifting belongs to the past.

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