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The sunscreen lift is the smallest electric mounting lift in the world and can be operated both electrically and manually. The KSF portable mounting lift is a lightweight mounting lift to quickly position heavy objects that need to be mounted at height.

Ideally suited for installing sun blinds, air-conditioning units, shutters, frames and more.

  • Quick to set up by one person
  • The mounting lift is supplied with carrying bags.
  • Due to the flexibility of the mounting lift, for example, one person can do the work where two people were previously required.
  • Extremely stable, also on a surface with uneven heights.
  • Can be placed against the facade by folding leg.
  • Equipped with a remote control for optimal ease of operation and safety.
  • The adjustable speed makes it possible to get the object to be lifted into place with millimeter precision.
  • Work safer, responsible and faster.
  • Fewer back problems (less absenteeism)
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