“The crusade of SIR LIFTALOT

and his KNIGHTS

What we do

“We create ergonomic lightweight lift machines to improve working conditions.”


We began this crusade through Europe, a crusade for the belief in the importance of reducing manual lifting and improving working conditions by using the “Gevelridder” or Knight, a quick and easy to use lightweight aluminium manual lifting machine, with a capacity of 250 kg and extendable to 10 meter.

During his crusade he has experienced much opposition from traditional Knights, they would rather lift with their bare hands, but still he manages to convince more and more Knights to follow him. Will you also follow Sir Liftalot on his crusade……… ?

The best man to hire, great strength and easy to use. With this extra horse power you just can’t lose.
Together to great heights, without struggle or fight. Always on time, small and light,
The best man to assist you on site !

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