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Preventing back problems with ergonomic lifting gear is what we focus on day in and day out.

I’d like to discuss common issues we encounter in practice with you. The proper use of plate trolleys or glass lorry’s is often overlooked. We’re frequently approached by our clients with questions about lifting products to carry items from the van or to place them at height on a building. Our standard question then is: “but how do you transport from the van to the house?” A commonly heard answer is: “we’ll just do it by hand, it’s much quicker.” That’s precisely where things go wrong. Most back problems arise from prolonged lifting or incorrect movements due to tripping over a pavement tile or obstacle in a garden. That’s why we pay attention to cleverly designed glass carts and plate trolleys.

The forgotten risk zone when lifting between 25 and 150 kg.

When a load is genuinely too heavy to lift, a crane or mobile lift is arranged. But for weights between 25 and 150 kg, it’s often thought, “we’ll just do it by hand, add another person, and it’s done.” This is also a significant risk that receives far too little attention, and it’s crucial for Gevelridder that we develop lightweight carts that are easy to carry in the van.

We see it so often, companies invest in the finest lifting equipment, cranes, mini-lifts, but a decent plate trolley, which ensures working without back problems, smartly and safely, isn’t invested in, a shame!

Setting a good example.

Fortunately, many smart companies do see the importance of smart transportation from A to B. We developed the Aluminum plate trolleys, for 150 – 25- and 500 kg. These aluminum lorry’s or glass trolleys have become good companions for many window and glass worker due to their low weight of 10 to 15 kg, making them easy to carry in the van.

For the logistics sector and the installation industry, we developed the I-Care, which transports heavy boxes to the height of the van and slides them into the van without lifting. The Cargo Knight is also one of the new developments for the logistics sector. A handy lightweight hand truck that can place the load at height in your van.

For moving doors or heavy natural stone countertops, we developed the Carve, slim and highly maneuverable, allowing you to carry these heavy loads over the sidewalk, through the garden, into the house, all without lifting.


We aim to protect the backs of employees while improving efficiency in the workplace. By focusing on developing efficient transport trollys and finding solutions for the “forgotten zone” between 25 and 150 kilograms, we aim to contribute to a safer and healthier working environment. It’s time to shift attention from heavy lifting equipment to efficient transport solutions. Let’s work together towards a future where workplace back problems are a thing of the past. Gevelridder is ready to protect your back, we’ve got your back.

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